Where to start?


The first three months of 2014 were spent in a rehabilitation hospital. I was there to take part in their intensive Neurological Physiotherapy program. All I can say is that this was a miserable time, as no matter how hard I worked my legs became weaker and weaker  from the Radiation Induced Lumbar Plexopathy Every day I took part in 3-4 sessions of Physio and Occupational therapy, they kept me very busy. Sadly over the time I was in hospital my legs became totally paralysed so my program reverted to intensive development of my upper body strength and learning to use a wheelchair. As you can imagine this was a very emotional time, with many tears and a great deal of grief at the loss I was facing. I could not imagine how I would manage in a wheelchair, it all seemed so difficult. Fortunately even though I am in my 60s I am a fit person and I did enjoy the workouts in the gym, especially the weight training. Those times took my head away from the thoughts that crowded it and the doubts I had about how I could manage.

For many years I worked as a counsellor and much of this knowledge helped me at this time, I understood that I needed to grieve and that it was ok to cry but that hopefully over time this would get better. Though I have to say there were some very dark days where I felt that things would never be right again. I had my family and many good friends who came to support me, and still do, I could not manage without them. Many of the pictures in this blog are taken by my friend Annemarie when we go on our “Rolling Adventures.”

One of the things that has helped me is the use of Mindfulness, I focus on the moment and also what I can do rather than what I cannot do. I have always enjoyed writing but it has taken a long time for me to start this blog. One of the things that has also helped me is to connect with others in wheelchairs and to see how they live their lives years on from their initial accidents, it is amazing and has given me great hope that like them I will meet life’s challenges on wheels. This blog will follow my progress, in hospital, coming home, our new home and onwards. I am not sure where or how my life will go but it is a “Life in a Wheelchair.”

My Mindfulness colouring book
My Mindfulness colouring book

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12 thoughts on “Where to start?

  1. Helen,
    I’m trying to find the perfect words, yet none come to mind. 😞
    I will most definitely follow your new blog, and am forever greatful for your first blog; My Lymph Node Transplant. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. You are truly an inspiration. Living in the moment, not always easy to do. Mindfulness, a word I’m very familiar with, but tend to forget about it. Thanks for the reminder!
    Thinking of you,

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    1. Thank you.. It has always helped me to write, it is my own form of mindfulness… I am glad that I have reached a place where I can enjoy this again.. One of my great joys is the “friends” i have made via the internet across the world, something I would have never thought possible … Take care Helen xx


  2. So happy to see you writing again! It has been a long road and one I know will pave the way for others in time. You are an absolute inspiration. I am in awe of the way you face every hurdle with guts, determination and grace. My beautiful mother – I am so proud of you. Xox

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    1. It is thanks to my wonderful family and friends, without yours and everyones support I would not have got this far … You are all my rock …. I am so glad to be able to write again it gives me focus.. Lots and lots of love mum xxxxxx


  3. Helen- You are such a brave person and an inspiration to those of us struggling with lymphedema. Finding your blog and meeting other women who are going through the same has been life saving. You should know that you have made a difference in so many lives especially mine and I am so grateful. May you continue to be strong and healthy and face each day as a challenge you can achieve. Thank you

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  4. “Walking is overrated.” I’ve said it for years. Rolling successfully involves several factors. Proper training is important, knowing the proper strokes for each situation. Equipment is vital. We must function at home, go out in public, have some fun, and do everything bipeds do. Our chairs are prosthetic bodies. Does the chair fit like a glove, a second skin, or is it a behemoth of metal, too cumbersome to handle? You are showing the attitude it takes to succeed. Looking forward to more of your blog entries.

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    1. Thank you … Yes I do feel like I am starting to get there… One day at a time … Starting to feel free again … Blogs like yours and others have given me the help I needed to move past the initial misery and realise that this can all be ok … 🙂

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