Focus on what you can do…


Over the last few months life has thrown many challenges my way and at times they have seemed overwhelming. However, what has helped me the most is to focus on what I can do and not what I can’t do. After a while I started to realize that the can do list was getting longer!!! There are days when my mind starts to think about all the things I cannot do but then I think of others who have been in Wheelchairs for a few year, this inspires me, as I know there is very little that they have not conquered. Maybe I will have to learn to do things differently, or slower, or with help but I know that the can do list will get longer.

I am learning which car parks have lots of disabled spots to park, where the disabled toilets are, where are good pavments to navigate and where the shops are with wide aisles. This week I went to the movies for the first time, a few weeks ago that would have seemed impossible but now it was easy. I am getting much better at transfering in and out of cars, which gives me far more freedom, now I do not return home exhausted from the mental effort of doing things.

Every Monday I go with a friend on a “Rolling Adventure” (named by my friend) where we find walks that are wheelchair friendly. To start of with we did the same walk, from near home, but now we look for different places, drive, then walk. I will have to write a post on the different places we have found around the foreshores of Sydney and the coastal walks. These outings are great for the fresh air, veiws and exercise.

So I will continue to focus on what I can do and hope that one day in the future there is nothing that I cannot do.


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5 thoughts on “Focus on what you can do…

  1. Hi Helen,
    You have been dealing with so much since your cancer diagnosis. And yet, here you are, continuing to inspire and encourage others. You’re amazing and I am so glad you started another blog to share with others about what life in a wheelchair is and is not like. Thank you, Helen. You’re a tremendous advocate.

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    1. The writing really helps me … I find it so hard to understand what has happened… The “why me” voice is often there and I wonder what I could have done differently to avoid all this … I think that this is a much harder road than the lymphoedema to get a message across but any late stage side effects if treatment need to be acknowledged, recognised and supported. Thank you so much for all your support.. I do wonder when this cancer journey will ever end!!! Helen


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