The Obstacle course!!


It is not till you are in a Wheelchair that you see things in a different way while out and about!! High kerbs, narrow paths, tree roots, rubbish, steps etc.. Each one serves as a challenge. These are all the things I have to learn to navigate if I am to gain my independence. There are also narrow doorways, narrow aisles in shops, displays that block the way or steps going into buildings. Toilets that do not accomodate a wheelchair and lack of disabled parking. However as time goes by I learn which are the good places to visit, which route to take that is not an obstacle course and where there are good disabled facilities. Eventually I may go from being a learner to a fully qualified wheelchair “driver.”

The wind blew the rubbish across the footpath
The wind blew the rubbish across the footpath

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5 thoughts on “The Obstacle course!!

  1. I used a four wheeled walker until I started falling 3 times a day and Physical Therapy got me an Electric Wheelchair that had been donated to The Center For Independent Living that I had been a member of but having to go in an Electric Wheelchair was so dissapointing to me but my knees and hands are very happy not to wear bandaids anymore and after 20 years of the struggle I am very happy to save myself broken bones and more doctor visits. I had recently broken a middle toe and had to wear a blastic boot for 3 months and I was still driving? But not anymore! I feel safe and have learned to transfer very nicely. I got to the Gym 3 times a week for the past two years and will keep going b/c I’m not going to quit fighting, I’m a WARRIOR who was dx as I was starting my senior year of Nursing school! I was totally Bind Sighted with two kids to raise while working full time as a Hospice Nurse night shift to hide my clumsiness for a couple of years but I just couldn’t do it anymore and applied for SSDI in order to help my family out, my husband remains in denial b/c I look so healthy but what’s going on in the inside is just plain CRAZY!

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    1. Good to hear from you and how you are managing.. So important to keep going and getting to do exercise I think really helps.. May I ask your diagnosis?? For me gaining upper body strength is so important and that is what I focus on with the physio and stretches.. My thigh muscles get so tight from all the sitting .. Take care Helen πŸ™‚


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