Does Your Pain Have a Name?

I discovered this blog after a lady left a comment on my last post. She mentioned a Dr Stubblefield who I then did a search on … What a great connection for those in the US suffering from RILP or one of the many other side effects of cancer treatment. This blog is full of very interesting posts on life post cancer…. Keep up the good work of keeping people informed….I am sure Like me some of you will relate to this post.
This is a link to where Dr Stubblefield now works

Behind Your Smiles

cartoonAfter my treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma at Memorial Sloan Kettering in 1995, I thought I
would simply return to my old life. Gradually, though, I began to notice new, vague symptoms. I couldn’t blow-dry my hair without my arms getting tired. My head seemed too heavy for my neck, causing a bobble- head motion. My upper back always ached — not a piercing pain, but something more insidious. I knew something was wrong, but also knew my oncologist would not be the one to address my problem. I was cancer free and released from her care, so my appointments were now once a year. I faced the same dilemma many cancer survivors experience. As my new pain caused more limitations in my daily life, it became clear I needed care, but to whom should I turn?

I began with my family physician, but he could find nothing wrong. He recommended…

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2 thoughts on “Does Your Pain Have a Name?

  1. I call my onco for every symptom I feel, worried it is related to my breast cancer. But more often than not, she sends me to see someone else. Just recently I saw a specialist for a hip pain that wasn’t going away. I am now undergoing PT to correct what they think it’s related to the muscle surrounding the hip bone. Now, no one knows why I developed this. I don’t remember injuring myself. But there’s still a chance my cancer drug Tamoxifen, is once again, responsible.

    We give up quality of life in order to hold on to existence. Wish we didn’t have to endure these side effects.

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