Welcome the Joker!!

The Joker Evolution by Progeo

At last after weeks of waiting my new wheelchair arrived, the Joker, what a change from my old chair. When you use a wheelchair all the time the chair becomes your legs in everything that you do. My old chair was like having very chunky, heavy, old and unfit legs. My new chair gives me sexy, sporty, trim and fit legs!!! In fact my daughter said my new chair made me look 10 years younger… I will take that!!! Ha ha… I chose black so I could accessories and my clothes will not clash!!


Old chair

My old chair was probably the right thing at the time when I was leaving hospital it was self-propelled but allowed for someone to easily push me in it. It felt solid safe and secure at the time. However in the past year my needs have changed as I have wanted to become more independent and my confidence has grown. The Joker is a very light carbon fibre chair, turns in its own circle and is very zippy.. I was driving the Jalopy now I have the Sports Car!! Trouble is when you get the sports car you have to make sure you can drive it ok. Friday I went out with me husband to have a good test run, I was full of confidence and thought I had this mastered, but no, going down a guttering I did not lift the front and the footplate caught and I was tipped out the front of the chair. fortunately all that was hurt was my pride and my husband was able to lift me back into the chair. Lesson learnt, I need to drive this a little differently to my old steady chair!!! In fact I have had to learn to do everything a little differently but I know as time goes on it is going to be great. I will have to learn to run again!!

Smart Drive

Another thing that I have on this chair is a Smart Drive a really neat little motor that can be turned on as needed using a Blue Tooth wrist band. Most of the time I self propel but up hills, steep drives or when tired I can use the Smart Drive Motor to power along. Something else to learn the technique for!! http://www.wickedwheelchairs.com.au/smartdrive-power-assist.html

The girl in the video makes it look very easy but in time I will master this too.

Free wheel from google images

The last gadget that I have for my new chair is a Free Wheel. My kids bought this for me for Christmas. It fits on the front footplate, though I need to get a stronger one made than the one on the chair now. The Free Wheel lifts the front of the chair up so you have a three wheel effect. It allows the chair to be ridden on rougher surfaces like grass, cobblestones and bush-walks etc..

So these are my new legs… Welcome the Joker!!

image image image image

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8 thoughts on “Welcome the Joker!!

  1. Hi Helen, carbon fibre wow, great to hear your enthusiasm for the ease of use, anything that encourages you to explore and have more mobility is great! Cheers, Tony

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    1. I am thinking of going into Royal Rehab at Ryde for some intensive work on my wheelchair use.. I think it would have helped if I ever rode a BMX bike or skate boarded!!! I get very anxious at the moment.. Also would like to get arms strong enough to get from floor back into chair… That way I can deal with any spill.. Never thought in my life I would be excited about a wheelchair!!! Xx


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