One step forward and two steps back!!


The drama that occured three months ago, after I left hospital, felt more like one step forward and ten steps back!! Leaving hospital I then started outpatients physio twice a week. One on one for two hours each session. It was really good and I continued with my strength, stretches and  wheelchair skills. Coming to the end of a session in the second week we were doing some stretches.. I was sitting with feet together and knees out, like a yoga pose. The Physio was pressing on my right knee, to improve the stretch, suddenly there was a terrible cracking sound that the whole gym heard and they all looked at me. We carefully straightend my leg but I had no pain so long as I sat still.. when I tried to move it pain shot from my knee to foot. I thought maybe I had dislocated the knee…. everyone looked very worried!! My doctor was called and she thought I had broken my femur but it was hard to tell as I had no feeling… she was very concerned not to move my off the physio table incase it was broken as she did not want to cause more problems.. An ambulance was called!!! It was one of those situations where I was not sure wether to laugh or cry… it was just to ridiculous!!!

My husband had been in the cafe waiting and we called him to come to the gym as I had had a bit of an accident!! He thought maybe a fall out of the chair and a grazed knee or something… it just seemded impossible that my leg was broken while doing something so simple. I have to say prior to this I have never broken a bone nor been in an ambulance. Both things I could have lived without experiencing!!

Sadly an xray in the emergency department of Concord hospital showed I had broken the head of femur. The only good thing was I had no pain due to the damaged nerves to my legs, but any slight movement would send a burning pain down my lower leg, but not my hip. The doctors decided that I would have surgery the next day to fix the leg. A rod would be passed through the length of the femur and secured with nails top and bottom .. having this done I would regain the ability to bend the leg and be more comfortable. Being paralysed it is more about being able to move the leg with my hands and being able to sit rather than just laying flat. I was also glad that the break was not in my lymphedema leg as that would have caused some major problems re surgery.


The surgery went very well but the few days stay in hospital was awful. I was totally dependent on people to help me which I found very confronting. Even though paralysed I am usually independent with everything including personal needs. I could not wait to get home. Everything I had worked towards during the five weeks in the rehab hospital were gone. My transfers were a struggle as I could get no height. It is odd the way the break effected how my body worked. Things I took for granted before, I now had difficulty with. Even sitting in the wheelchair was not very  comfy as the leg would only just bend enough. I needed help to get in the car and I needed help to shower etc. Mentally there were some very dark days as I tried to get through this time of healing. I could not beleive that all my hard work had ended this way. The surgeon said it would take three months to heal properly. However after six weeks I found I was gradually able to do things again. Over the past three months my strength has returned and I feel like I am doing much better again. In fact I am probably back to where I was on leaving hospital.

My doctor wanted ro check that there was no underlying cause for the break. She had the surgeon check for bone cancer, I had bone density tests but I did not have osteoperosis, she took other blood tests etc but all came back normal. It was just a horrible accident, a combination of my having no feeling and not knowing the stretch was going wrong. You can imagin the physio was very upset!! In fact I think he was more upset than me at the time!! .. I just felt like this cannot be happening..

This week I will have an xray to check all is healed and should get the all clear from the surgeon in December.. I have stayed away from physios and rehab hospitals for the time being. I do my own exercises and stretches. I make sure I have calcium and vitamin D to keep the bones strong ..

My hope is that 2017 will be a better  year where I can progress and move ten steps forward and non back!!!


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