Fitness in the Park

Ever since I have lived in Sydney I have been walking distance from Centennial Park When the kids were small it was a great place for bike riding, parties, hide and seek, playgrounds with swings, slides and roundabouts, and night tours to see the possums. I can remember walking round the park with the children in their prams, walking with friends, training for City to Surf running round the park. Last year when we moved to an appartment that was wheelchair friendly we were no longer close to the park but a half hour drive away. Lately however I have been going to the park again to build my fitness after the broken leg. No big hills but just gentle ups and downs and no kerbs and gutters to negotiate!!! Kerbs and gutters are still not my friends though I am getting a little better!! Today my husband took me and we had a lovely roll/ walk round the 4km circuit that makes up part of the park. I love the way kids look at the wheelchair like I have some different sort of toy that you can ride on !!

I have come home feeling stronger and happier as I feel the strength returning….


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4 thoughts on “Fitness in the Park

  1. Two thoughts if I may. Sometimes people view our chairs in a negative light. They are prosthetic bodies that allow us great freedom. Your use of the park and the result is to be commended, both for yourself and as an example to the rest of us.

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