Rolling Adventures


Most weeks my friend Annie comes over and we go on a Rolling Adventure. These are to places that are wheelchair friendly, for long rolling walks, around Sydney. When I broke my leg these stopped for a while but now our adventures are back on. They are a great form of exercise plus the opportunity to find interesting places. If you live in Sydney or are just visiting these are some of the places that are wheelchair friendly.

Centennial Park, Bi Centennial Park, Sydney Park, Barangaroo, Camperdown Oval, Coogee Beach to the headland and Annandale to the Fishmarkets via the habour bike track.

You can find all these places on line with a map of how to get there.

Where we live there are some great bike tracks that go right around the habour, these are great for a rolling adventure, maybe stopping off at the Tramsheds on the way for  a Gelato!!

Also meet Kauai, Annie’s dog that always comes with us…

Centennial Park
Coogee Beach
Habour foreshore walk

Camperdown Oval… Getting stronger!!!

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