Learning to adapt

My daughter is very good at finding things that make my life a little easier. One of the difficult things is to carry hot drinks and wheel my wheelchair, its a very easy way to get burnt. This little thermos with a tea strainer inside is a great way to overcome this hurdle. I can put the thermos on my lap, and a cup, and off I go out on the balcony for a nice cup of tea.


Next is a lap tray with a bean filled cushion on the bottom to keep it flat on my lap. I can use this for all sorts of things with little fear if it sliding off!! It can be a desk, a table or a cook top!!


Last but not least my free wheel that helps me get over rough ground by lifting the front of the chair. A great idea for parks and bush tracks that my small front wheels would normally sink into.


These are just three quite simple ideas that my daughter found which may give others an idea of ways to help someone in a wheelchair.

3 thoughts on “Learning to adapt

  1. You are doing so well because you are learning, and more importantly, you are thinking and creating. Thank you for sharing, as it helps all of us.
    I wonder how often wheelies invent the wheel, figure out what others have figured out. Sharing helps all. Thanks!

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