2 thoughts on “How could this symbol be changed?? And why???

  1. Dear Helen, you have once again created such a good blog, thank you.

    Just like with your My Lymph Node Transplant blog you’ve managed to create a narrative that is informative, personal and captivating, without being the unnecessary navel gazing that blogs so often slip into, and why I don’t read many of them. I did a catch up of the past year now, and was very sorry to read about you mum’s passing, my apologies for not sending condolences earlier.

    I really like the way you explain what is being researched in the area of RILP, what possible treatments (and early warnings) there are, but beyond that also the personal experience, frustrations, and hopes that are involved. The description of your ‘sports car’ Joker wheelchair was just wonderful, I hope you’ve started to be even more confident in getting around with it, you’re right, it looks great!

    Lots of greetings and love from Sri and myself, currently housesitting in Perth.


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    1. Thanks Johan I need to write an update on staying at a resort built for spinal injury people .. on the beach at Collaroy..Adam and I had a great time .. thanks for reading and your positive comments .. love to you both xxx


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