Sargood on Collaroy

Writing this post I see it as a turning point in my “Life in a Wheelchair”. Last week I spent my time staying at Sargood on Collaroy, a resort custom-built for those with spinal injuries What a magic place and what an amazing concept built on the site of a home left by Fredrick Sargood in 1918 to be used for various health care causes,  including children with polio and tuberculosis. It then stood empty for many years until the Sargood foundation was established to transform the site into a place for those with spinal injuries to spend a holiday. There are just 17 apartments where you can stay alone or with the entire family or partner. There are “guest attendants” to help with care ranging from personal  needs, especially for those staying alone, to accessing various adaptive sports. There is a gym which is created to use from a wheelchair with computerised programs that change weights etc. Each new arrival is assessed by Lewis and a program set up for them. There is also an assortment of “toys” over seen by Seb who will help you learn to access the water, ride a hand cycle, surf, play golf etc etc.

Our room was very spacious with a cooking area and a fantastic view of the ocean. It felt like home with throw rugs and ornaments making it very cosy. Before arriving at Sargood Alex called me to find out what my needs were. Each room can be set up for each persons individual needs. This takes into account the fact that every guest is different and the ability to adapt the living space is unique.

There are also communial lounges and a beautiful kitchen space for all to share. The open balconies take advantage of the view. My husband liked the look of the entertainment area with comfy couches and two televisions for TV or game play. Wide open spaces and a lift that has doors both sides make it so easy to get around in any size wheelchair.

In my next post I will tell you all about the accessible sports activities that I tried. As soon as it is available I will be joining the gym so I can continue my fitness in a place that is adapted to wheelchair use. I do not even need someone to change weights for me as they are all done by the press of a button!!!!…. What a magic week…. a place to stay that caters to all abilities…

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