Rolling through history ..

Yesterday at the invitation of my friend Cathy, who works as a ranger, Annie and I went to the Kamay Botany Bay National Park in Kurnell.

At the visitors centre we looked at the various displays as Cathy explained to us the history of the area. Did you know that Captain Cook’s ship was no bigger than the Manly Ferry?

Cathy then took us along the  Burrawang Walk from the Visitors centre down to the landing spot of Captain Cook. Along the walk were various interactive displays that tell the story of Australia’s early history. The displays show how the Aboriginals lived before the arrival of Captain Cook and what happened after. Captain Cook first stepped onto Australian soil in 1770, there is a plaque to mark the spot as he stepped off the Endevour.

The National Park is a great area for families to gather for picnics and for those in a wheelchair this walk is totally accessible. At the same time it is an opportunity to catch up on history and enjoy the fresh sea air that blows across the bay. After our rolling walk we drove up to Cape Solander, where at certain times you can see Whales in the water, what an amazing view.

I always love to find interesting areas that I can explore in my wheelchair and this was certainly one of those special days… Thank you Cathy for making it so interesting ..

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