Intensive therapy

In March I spent two weeks doing intensive therapy with a group called Making Strides at Sargood on Collaroy. Making Strides is usually based in Queensland but a few times a year they travel down to Sargood where they do two week intensive courses… Making Strides work in a very different way to usual physiotherapy in that they work with the whole body and believe that anything is possible even in paralysed limbs. Everyday for two hors I worked one on one with the therapist. Everyday was different, which makes it fun and interesting .. they had me standing with lots of help, walking on a treadmill with lots of help, kneeling, kicking balls, stretching, anything to get my paralysed legs moving. My right leg does have some movement which is exciting. However my biggest problem are very tight hip flexors and lower back muscles, this stops me from standing straight and causes quite a bit  of pain in my lower back. However over the course of the two weeks this impoved. Before the program started I was unable to lie flat on my back but by the end of the two weeks I was able to lie flat on my bed for the first time in a while. I was also able to lie on my tummy which again I had been unable to do. Loosening these muscles is very important as if left for to long my body would lock in the seated position and no amount of therapy woul unlock this. This was something I has not understood before nor the importance of remaining supple as due to the level of my injury, L4 L5, my muscles have tone and are therefore more likely to tighten. Those with higher injuries have flaccid muscles so they will never tighten. These toned muscles allow me to have core strength but with this stretching and remaining supple is essential . I am doing the same program again in August so I am hoping to maintain the good that has been achieved so far .. Below are some picture of my time doing Making Strides..



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10 thoughts on “Intensive therapy

  1. Hi Helen,
    I am so glad you were able to participate in this program, Helen. It makes sense that keeping those muscles loose is important. Do you have to keep doing exercises on your own at home? I bet it feels good to be able to lie on your back and tummy again. Thank you for sharing with us. The photos are wonderful. x

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    1. Yes I do have to do some at home and I go to a gym twice a week plus work with a personnel trainer once a week as many exercises I cannot do alone.. my husband helps me to roll over onto my tummy that gives my back a good stretch … doing this program helped me to understand how important it is to look after my body when you are seated all day.. always good to hear from you xx


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