My New Toy!!

D6F93492-1A87-48D0-9999-E4B2D098E90FWhen I first became Paralysed it was a huge adjustment, many tears and many dark days. Gradually over the last three years the dark days have become less and I have learnt to live life in a different way. Part of this adaptation was finding things that make life more exciting and more normal. One of the things  I really enjoyed  doing was using a hand cycle. However the practcal side was  quite tricky, ie. where to ride it and how to transport it. The only time I could really do this was when staying at the Sargood resort and having people help me on to it and adjusting the fittings etc. When I was at home it just was not a practical option until I heard about the Hybrid Power Bike. This power bike fits on to my wheelchair and converts it into an easy to use Hand cycle with a back up motor to help up steep hills. Wow what fun!!!

I waited  4 months but last week it at last arrived. First I practiced around the car park where we live, getting used to the gears and the power assist as needed. Today I went on my first big outing. What fun . My husband and a friend had their bikes with them and we were able to cycle around Centenial park.. it was a great feeling to be able to keep up with them on their cycles. It actually made me feel quite normal!!! Something that is often missing in life in general. I think my new “toy” is going to give me a great deal of joy plus some really good exercise. 😃



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20 thoughts on “My New Toy!!

  1. Seriously cool toy Helen! Congratulations to getting such a clever device, sounds brilliant to be able to go for longer rides like the one in Centennial Park!

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    1. It comes off and we lay it on its side in the back of the car or I just ride straight out from home .. not sure of weight but you can find them online …Attitude Power bikes by Sunrise Medical.. I did have an extra 5kg weight put on front to add more weight to the front end to stop any spinning up hills ..

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