Making Strides.. therapy

End of the first week with our trainers Gen and Kaisha

I am once again spending two weeks at Sargood, a resort for those with spinal injuries, on the northern beaches of Sydney. I am there to take part in an intensive therapy program run by Making Strides. Making strides is based in Queensland but they send two trainers down for the two weeks at Sargood and take over the gym there. I think that everyone who does this program benefits from it in various ways, gaining new abilities and wellbeing.

I did the same program in March and I was pleased to hear I had improved over the last few months. The main problem I have is very tight Hip flexors and lower back. This kind of leaves me in a seating position unable to lay flat or even with help stand straight. However this time there was great improvement from the continued home program and once a week sessions with a personal trainer.

When you arrive at each session it is straight out of the wheelchair on to the floor or on to bench, the wheelchair is only returned at the end of the session. For the next two hours there are various exercises to stretch and stimulate the body. Everyone has different needs, from Quadraplegics to paraplegics , high or low spinal injuries we are all different.

The trainers are exercise physiologists,  who are then  trained by Gen who came from the Walk On program in the US, on this special program. It is so different from the usual physiotherapy sessions. She has brought her knowledge and positive disposition with her. Every session is different and they make it fun including competitions to push ourselves.

Gat training in a harness.. very uncomfortable but gets you standing

Thanks to Cam Bloom for the Photos ..

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