Oh no not again!!!

All my life I never broke a bone, however three and a half years in a wheelchair and I have had two broken bones which seems crazy as it was not as if I fell out if my chair or did anything dangerous. Nearly two years ago my femur was broken during a physio session when the physio stretched my leg to hard. This time I was riding a new type of hand cycle with my legs folded under me. Both times as I feel no pain I could not say stop or that is enough which makes it a little hard when you are doing fairly normal things.

In my previous post I wrote about doing intensive therapy with Making strides at Sargood in Collaroy. This was a two week program and on the middle Friday there was I trial of some new hand cycles. I have always enjoyed hand cycling so was interested to give this new model a go. It was motorized plus the hand cycle. Instead of having your legs out straight the legs fold under you. Having no feeling I had no idea that this flex was to much for me. Over the weekend the knee started to swell but no pain or bruising, so I assumed maybe a small strain or something!! I did not want to miss the last week of making strides so continued but with no kneeling or weight-bearing and thought the knee would improve. Once home on the Monday my whole leg became swollen, still no pain or bruising and still able to move. So off to the emergency department for along wait… first they thought I had a blood clot due to a lack of other symptoms. I had to come back the next day for an ultrasound to look for a blood clot. Long story short no blood clot but a doctor at last looked at the xray I had the night before and found a break in the Tibia Plateau.. a broken knee. What a shock, no pain, no bruising, still able to move… it is so surprising as a paraplygic that you can have no feeling at all even under extreme circumstances.

So here I am with a leg brace. The doctors decided that I did not need surgery and I was pleased with that. The choice had been surgery and a leg brace for 6 weeks or no surgery and a leg brace for Β 6 weeks!!! The brace is on 24/7 and the hospital is making an attachment for my wheelchair to hold my leg out straight. I also have an attachment on my shower chair to do the same thing. Rolling around with your leg sticking out in front is very difficult and leads to many challenges as to how you reach things and get around. My husband is having to help me with everything which I am not used to as I have always been very independent.

I have my first xray on the 17th September when I find out if it is healing ok so will write another post at that time and let you know how I am managing.



6 thoughts on “Oh no not again!!!

  1. I am so sorry. – I’m doing more stretching and will take heed of your experience. – If your therapist hadn’t reminded you, I will; try to stay as active as you can and do the exercises you can still do. You have worked hard,nand it would be a shame to lose your progress.

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