Update on broken knee!!

This is my new set of wheels to accommodate my leg being in a brace for the next few weeks. Not the easiest to move around with but it does the job!!I Also have a fitting on my shower chair to elevate the leg. We use a large plastic bag to keep my leg and the brace dry then give my leg a wash later sitting on the bed with the brace off. It took a while to work out how best to do everything so as not to bend the knee at this stage and damage it further.

Although the hospital had said the engineering department could create something to fit my existing wheelchair, this turned out to be a disaster. Their creation was a lump of wood cut to the size of my seat, with the wood extending out under my right leg. I wish I had taken a picture of this, which took four days to create, it was totally impractical, to say the least. It was meant to slide under my cushion and hold the leg up. No thought was given as to how I would transfer with this in the way or how it could be removed once sitting on it. Not to mention my left leg rubbing up against the wooden addition!!!! I declined this piece of creative genius and looked to hire a wheelchair with a leg fitting.

Yesterday was my follow up visit to the outpatients. I had to have an x-ray first then wait to see the doctor. The doctor was happy with the alignment of the bones so still no surgery needed, which I am happy about but he could not tell me if it was starting to knit together or how long I would need the brace for. I have to go back in three weeks for another x-ray and a visit to the outpatients. Yesterday it took five hours to get through this process, nothing moves fast and I fear next time it will be just as long!! Thank goodness for iPads and Kindles!!!

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