My New Toy!!

When I first became Paralysed it was a huge adjustment, many tears and many dark days. Gradually over the last three years the dark days have become less and I have learnt to live life in a different way. Part of this adaptation was finding things that make life more exciting and more normal. One … More My New Toy!!

Rolling Adventures

  Most weeks my friend Annie comes over and we go on a Rolling Adventure. These are to places that are wheelchair friendly, for long rolling walks, around Sydney. When I broke my leg these stopped for a while but now our adventures are back on. They are a great form of exercise plus the … More Rolling Adventures

Sink or Swim

  Prior to becoming Paralysed I spent a lot of time in the pool as it was very good for my lymphoedema. I was never a good swimmer, just a bit of breast stroke, however freestyle, backstroke and butterfly somehow eluded me!!! I could never get the breathing right. However walking in a pool and … More Sink or Swim

New Articles on RILP

Since first being diagnosed with Radiation Induced Lumbar Plexopathy (RILP) I have made regular “trips” to the internet, looking for any new information. For a long time all that popped up were the same old things, and not very many of those, not patient orientated but using lots of medical jargon!! Lately however I have … More New Articles on RILP