Learning to adapt

My daughter is very good at finding things that make my life a little easier. One of the difficult things is to carry hot drinks and wheel my wheelchair, its a very easy way to get burnt. This little thermos with a tea strainer inside is a great way to overcome this hurdle. I can … More Learning to adapt

Rolling Adventures

  Most weeks my friend Annie comes over and we go on a Rolling Adventure. These are to places that are wheelchair friendly, for long rolling walks, around Sydney. When I broke my leg these stopped for a while but now our adventures are back on. They are a great form of exercise plus the … More Rolling Adventures

Fitness in the Park

Ever since I have lived in Sydney I have been walking distance from Centennial Park http://www.centennialparklands.com.au/places_to_visit/centennial_park. When the kids were small it was a great place for bike riding, parties, hide and seek, playgrounds with swings, slides and roundabouts, and night tours to see the possums. I can remember walking round the park with the children … More Fitness in the Park

Hand Cycle

Yesterday I got to ride a hand cycle, great fun and I hope I will be able to do it again. Have also done some yoga and played bowls. Have been getting the chance to try out some adaptive sports … So far enjoyed the hand cycle the best..

Stevie Wonder speaks out for those with Disabilities

This would be so good.. There are so many things that you have to stop and think about because access is not available… When you are out and about look around and imagine you are disabled… How would you manage?? http://themighty.com/2016/02/stevie-wonder-calls-for-disability-accessibility-in-grammys-speech/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Mighty_Page&utm_campaign=GENERAL